NEWS Trader Won

We have won the Telvon Arobar Trader in the Tal'daic Forress in Deshan. Make the most of this trader, it's doubtful we will have enough cash for this trader next week. This is a good location being near the wayshrine in a busy area. Winning bod was 1.1 million gold.


The numbers were as follows:

Drobbane - 1-20

Avallach - 21-30

NeonScherge - 31-44

Poppett - 45-64

Whiffmeister - 65

GrandmasterSnod - 66-67

Lozzied - 68-69

Gray1960 - 70

Poppett - 71-99

nidhoeggr1 - 100-112

RN Jesus gave us 106 meaning nidhoeggr1 won the lottery and takes home 280,000 gold. Congratulations.

Thanks everyone for your support, without the lottery we could never afford to bid for the guild trader.

The trader is now synchronized with the Tamriel trading center. Use Master Merchant and TTC to ensure your prices listed are reasonable. Links:

Master Merchant

Tamriel Trading Center


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